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Erin & Connor's Proposal

March 10, 2022

Love Goes The Distance


This surprise proposal shoot was one that was close to my heart. The oblivious bride to be was my sister and the soon to be groom is not only my brother-in-law to be, but also one of my very best friends. Previously before I worked as a full time photographer, I was a full time graphic designer/ videogrdapher at my church! Connor applied to work at the church as a Youth Pastor and I KNEW, after a co-worker and I stalked his social media profile, he would be perfect to not only work with us but I noticed he was defiantly my sisters type. I immediately reached out and told her about this "new guy" who was going to be going through the interview process and she wasted no time stalking his socials as well. A couple months later he accepted the position and the first person I broke the news to was obviously my sister, Erin. She IMMEDIATELY followed him on instagram and I even documented the moment with a video because I just had this feeling that "something special may come out of this." My husband can even vouch for me, I told him I thought they may get married before they had even gone out on a first date. Connor of course sent her an instagram DM pretty soon after they followed each other and the rest was history. Within 7 months they were ENGAGED and I found myself shooting my dream session in Utah. THE PROPOSAL STORY, BY CONNOR BAKER Whenever I was in the transition period of moving back to Alabama from Colorado, I noticed there was this girl who was viewing my instagram stories, but not following me. To be honest, I didn’t really think anything of it other than, “Man that girl is beautiful, I just have no clue who she is.” Fast forward a month or two and I found myself settled back in Alabama and with a notification that Erin (and her whole family) followed me on instagram within seconds of each other. It took me no time to relentlessly scroll through her feed to realize it was the girl who I was kind of crushing on who had been viewing my stories just a few weeks prior. I DM her and, just like Taylor said, “the rest was history.” We spent a lot of time together learning about each other’s lives. It didn’t take long for me to realize that not only was Erin becoming my best friend, but I wanted her to be my best friend, my soulmate, for the rest of my life. I could be very sappy right now, but I’ll spare you the details! So fast forward a couple more months and we are “official” and loving life as we learn more about each other and grow closer to one another through our laughs and intentional conversations. In early February, I threw around the idea with my future mother-in-law and Taylor about surprising Erin on her senior trip in Utah. Now, that was about 4 weeks to get flights, hotels, plans, the RING, and all of her friends and our family on board with this dream proposal. I knew this HAD to happen because Erin had the dream to take engagement pictures on the Salt Flatts in Bonneville, so naturally I had to help make her dreams a reality. On March 10, 2022 we got engaged at the Petrified Dunes (Great name right?) in Snow Canyon State Park. Shortly after we took our proposal photos, we surprised Erin with her dream, that we were going to make the drive to the opposite end of the state to take the engagement photos she had been dreaming of! I still can’t believe that it was a total surprise to her and everything worked out so well. Shoutout to everybody who played a part in helping the puzzle piece together, especially my best friend and future sis for taking the most beautiful photos I have ever seen!


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